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Little extras

Bike riders, kids, babies and dogs… all are equally welcome at Luckwitz. We offer bicycles, children high chairs and baby cots. Let us know what you need when you make your booking request.

Babies and kids

For the little ones

We collect children’s games and have a few DVDs for rainy days that your are welcome to borrow. We also have high chairs and travel cots for babies.

1 set of high chair, travel cot and bedlinen | Prize: Free | Preorder


Loan bikes

We keep a couple of bicycles in the carport for our guests to use as they please. We do not have bikes for children, but there is a bike rental in Wittenburg.

KIEBITZ Buch & Leben

Vacation reads

Kiebitz is a lovely little book shop in Wittenburg where you can find great books and an assortment of tea. Highly recommended!

KIEBITZ Buch & Leben


Dog lovers

Dogs are as welcome at Luckwitz as humans and we are known to have been almost even more enthusiastic about our four-legged guests than the two-legged ones. Our Dachshund Montmorency has personally overseen the curation of our dog kit.

1 set of small dog bed and bowls | Prize: Free | Preorder